Thursday: 13.05.2021
> 6 pm: Grand opening with official
> beer barrel tapping ceremony
> Festivities: 11.00 – 02.00 hrs

Friday: 14.05.2021
> Excursions and competitions
> Festivities: 11.00 – 02.00 hrs

Saturday: 15.05.2021
> Classic vehicle trip
> Performances and demonstrations
> Specialist conferences
> Large parade
> Awarding of prizes for competitions &
rally participants
> Lottery prize draw
> Festivities: 11.00 – 02.00 hrs

Sunday: 16.05.2021
> Holy mass (Field service)
> followed by lowering of the flag
> Flag handover and closing ceremony
> Traditional Sunday morning beer


Detailed program follows…

The participation tax was fixed at 39 Euro. The main OC of Bruneck has thus oriented itself to the last editions. But there is a lot on offer.

  • A nice multi-function torch and rescue set, which contains numerous functions, as a guest gift;
  • but there are also various surprises;
  • the international exchange and the comradely get-together in the Sternfahrer-City and in Bruneck;
  • rally of the old-timers of the fire brigade and the historic fire engines;
  • big parade with many thousands of participants and spectators;
  • exciting lectures with top-class and internationally renowned speakers;
  • exhibitions and swap meetings in the covered area;
  • demonstrations, presentations and exhibition exercises;
  • ultra-modern and old fire fighting technology at a glance;
  • great excursion and visiting possibilities;
  • the “culinary pleasure mile” of Bruneck;
  • traditional festivities in the large marquee and in the rustic Sternfahrer-Alm;
  • and much more…

We are looking forward to seeing you! At soon in Bruneck!